Hi! I’m Sanne Brandsma, a 27 years old creative soul and the owner of Meraki Art. Meraki means to do something  with soul, creativity and love - to put something of yourself in your work - and that’s exactly what I’m doing:

Leaving a creative trace and spreading my art like breadcrumbs all over the world.

I have always been a creative kid; always drawing and always painting.

After graduating ‘Psychomotor Therapy’ in the Netherlands I traveled through Asia for a year and I started sharing my drawings and design work on Instagram.

Once back in the Netherlands, working as a Psychomotor Therapist, I decided to take a leap of faith and turned my drawings and design work into my own creative business and Meraki Art was born.

In 2021 my partner and I decided to do things differently than ‘usual’ and it was then that Meraki Art really came to life. We gave up our house rent and permanent jobs so we could live, work and travel the world in our self-converted oldtimer campervan. Known as @endlesstrace .

Best. decision. ever. I have been freelancing ever since.

It means I run Meraki Art while we’re on the road where I feel all the freedom to create, learn, grow, experience and step out of my comfort zone.


My art work is heavily inspired by the elements of nature. Like the patterns of rock formations and the structures in sand and waves but also the surf scene and the outdoor lifestyle. I combine warm earth colors and minimalistic fine lines and don’t follow any rules when I create other than wat feels good to me in the moment. Sometimes I use other materials to keep my creativity flowing and my inspiration going. Such as woodburning wood slices and plates and painting shells and stones. Which I then leave behind everywhere I go; as a little piece of myself.

Through my art I seek to express the elements of nature and my own experiences and growth while traveling and slow living. The identity of my work is rooted in themes like nature, surf, spirituality and self love.


    The environment is important to me and I try my best to be as eco conscious as possible. My art prints are all produced using natural recycled paper. The T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and the design is screen printed with water-based inks. I only use eco friendly packaging: recyclable or compostable. 

    To see more of my work, inspiration and travels you can find me on: 
    Instagram: Meraki Art  | Pinterest: Meraki Art