If you are interested in a custom tattoo design, read all the information below and fill in the ‘custom contact form’ at the bottom of this page!

As soon as I have received your request, I will prepare a quotation and after clearing your wishes I will get to work. Based on your input I make one or two sketches, followed by two edit rounds, before I develop your design into a final version. At the end I will send you the final design in high resolution PDF at 300 DPI together with the license paper.

Because every design is different, the prices also vary. I have a page showing my price list to give you an idea.

Because my work process is my business card, I regularly share my work process and production on social media and in my portfolio. 

I own the copyright of all my designs. Read all about copyright and licensing here

Want to see more of my custom tattoo designs? 

  • Please answer the following questions by filling in the form below:

    1. Design details- What do you want included in the design? Places. Things. Please share as much detail as possible.

    2. Vibe- Is there a particular feel you would like the design to have?

    3. Style- Is there any of my previous work you particularly like? It would be useful to know if you have any particular preferences on style.

    4. Color- Do you want the tattoo in black and white or color? If color please let me know what colors you are interested in.

    5. Text- Do you want any text included. If so, what and do you have a font preference?

    6. Placement- Where on your body do you want to get the tattoo? What is the approximate size of the design?

    7. Existing Materials- Do you have any tattoos allready that the design would need to adhere to? If so, please could I see these?

    8. Timescale- Are there any deadlines I should be aware of?

    9. Anything else- Any additional information?

Custom contact form