Releasing a new sustainable product and looking for a great illustration? Read all the information below and fill in the ‘custom contact form’ at the bottom of this page.

As soon as I have received your request, I will prepare a quote and a license agreement. As soon as we both agreed to this, I wil get to work. Based on your input I make several sketches, followed by two edit rounds, before I develop the sketch into a final version. I will send you this final design in high resolution JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG at 300 DPI.

How long I spend on the design depends on your request and wishes and my agenda. 

Because every design is different, the prices also vary. To give you an idea: I have a page showing my price list to help you out. Please note: for commercial work I ask a license fee on top of the design fee!

Because my work process is my business card, I regularly share my work process and production on social media and in my portfolio. 

I own the copyright of all my designs. Read all about copyright and licensing here.

  • Please answer the following questions by filling in the form below:

    1. Usage- What will the design be used for? On which products do you want to put the design on? Please describe all the details. 

    2. Territory- Where will the products be sold? Locally, national, worldwide?

    3. Duration- How long would you like to be able to use the design for?

    4. Client Profile- Please give an overview. Roughly what size is the organisation and what services or products are offered?

    5. Content- What does the design need to show?

    6. Vibe- Is there a particular feel you would like the design to have?

    7. Style- Is there any of my previous work you particularly like? It would be useful to know if you have any particular preferences on style, although I'm always happy to suggest what might be suitable.

    8. Existing Materials- Do you have an existing brand or style guide that the design would need to adhere to? Or any previous materials that need to be considered? If so, please could I see these? (website, instagram, etc)

    9. Timescale- Are there any deadlines I should be aware of?

    10. Anything else- Any additional information or directives that should be considered? 

Custom contact form