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Valerie reached out to me while she was writing her first book: ‘Leven zonder een plan B’. She wanted me to create her the illustration for the cover and after reading one of the first versions of her book I immediately said yes! Her story is just amazing. Her view of the world, her lifestyle, adventures and decisions. I freaking loved the whole process and this collaboration with Valerie and I can’t wait to visit her in Sweden one day!

About the book:
What if you said yes to life? Valerie does. For twelve years she traveled the world, first alone, then with her boyfriend and finally with their children. In a sincere way she shares their adventures, challenges, misfortunes and unforgettable moments. Pure stories that will be heartwarming, recognizable and inspiring for everyone. Because it's okay to say yes to your dreams without having a plan B ready, to keep exploring and embracing adventures. Dare to live without a mapped out route, it's always worth it.

About Valerie:
She traveled through Europe with Tim Boffe in The Nomads Bus, an American school bus that they had converted into a hostel on wheels. They shared photos and stories about their life on board on the Instagram account The Nomads Family. Meanwhile, they live with their two children in Are, a ski resort in Sweden, where they both work as an influencer, coach, off-piste ski and snowboard guide, photographer and writer.

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